Edufever Ranking Framework is a research group, initiated and organized by Edufever, which has created a platform by doing research and recognition for best Education Institute in quality output. ERF Awards get initiated when we get nominations from College, University and young entrepreneurs for their achievements.


Learning Resource

Give an insight view of quality of learning (core activity)

Intellectual Property

Impact of institute intellect in research world

Graduation Outcome

Scale of effectiveness of the institute


Reflection of institute brand value

Our Team

Alok Kumar

Amid Social Worker

Mahendra Prajapati

Editor in Chief at "Samsamyik Srijan"

Sri Anupam Mishra

Senior Advocate (Supreme Court)

Saeed Naqvi

Senior Journalist

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Great experience with Edufever. I had no idea about any college & universities, but Edufever Education Services has helped me so I want to thank them for this.
Salini Sharma
Edufever Pvt. Ltd. helped me a lot in dreaming. The counselor was very informative and helpful. I want to thank the Edufever family for creating a bright career.
Mohit Kumar
College Student
Overall the experience has been very good. Staff members and counselors are very professional, kind and helpful. Proud to be a part of Edufever Family.
Abhishek Kumar
DRS Institute Varanasi
I have observed that Edufever Education Services guiding youths in career rising as Doctors, Engineers and Managers followed the guidance provided by them (Edufever).
Jon Pata
Coaching Institute