Most Popular College Clubs And Societies In India.

College clubs and organizations are home for the extracurricular activities, and this can highlight your free time on campus. For many of us, extracurricular activities are essential because it helps with personal growth and helps you keep a balance in both mental and physical work. Therefore, student clubs and colleges in India are perfect platforms for your creative talent and make a big move among your friends and other students in the College. Here is a list of the top 10 college clubs and societies that pay heed and encourage every student’s extracurricular activities.

1. The IILM Undergraduate Business School, Gurgaon

Photo Credit = IILM Gurgaon

The students Community of IILM, Gurgaon can connect and find a common ground of interest to join the club based on their interests. These cool college clubs in India help you gain leadership and invaluable skills. Students organize the Intra-college festival called “ZEST” where the students get a chance to prepare themselves for the I-fest that is the Intercollege management festival.

2. Nalanda University, Bihar

Photo Credit = Nalanda University

There is a lot that one can have with the social life at the Nalanda University; students here are a part of several clubs. They have the sports club, the environment club, the social club, the career resource cell, the literary and the awareness society. Therefore, students get complete freedom in choosing where they want to be involved. Students there get many essential facilities at the University.

3. Kumaraguru College of Technology

Photo Credit = Kumaraguru College of Technology

There is a lot here for the students, and there are common college clubs where students are involved in various extracurricular activities for expressive arts, entrepreneurship, Literature, National cadet corps, Social and Technical as well. Each of them has separate societies and clubs that work independently based on the interest and the motto.

4. Ashoka University

Photo Credit = Ashoka University

The extracurricular societies and clubs are branched out at the Ashoka University. They have the Theatre society known as “Kirdaar”, “Abhinaya”, the dance Society, “Neev” which is the community service club, the film society and the music society that involve more.

5. MANIPAL Academy of Higher Education

Photo Credit = Manipal Academy of Higher Education

This involves the mafia music and elegant arts club, the SPD society for personality development, The Aanina club-2003,
The Rotaract club, The astronomy club, The LEO club, the social welfare committee, and the photographic club. The students from their respective departments in the College establish these.

6. Hindu College (University of Delhi)

Photo Credit = Hindu College

There are 29 Clubs and societies and a few of which are definitely worth the mention- Abhirang – The Hindi dramatics society,
Adhrita- The Classical Dance society, Alankar- the Indian Music society, Aarambh – The western dance society, Ibtida- The dramatics society, Earthlings- The wildlife society, Masque – The English Dramatics society, Nakshatra – The fashion society.

7. REVA University, Bengaluru

Photo Credit = REVA University, Bengaluru

There is a proper community growth in the campus, among the students, and there are clubs based out of every department from architecture to Commerce and from Journalism to legal studies. Students have excellent exposure to the world outside, not just by education but also from various activities.

8. The Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi

Photo Credit = Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi

The College provides all-round attention to the students to help develop their Intellectual, mental and emotional health. The academic clubs in Indian college are really, what seems to be there in this College. You have the – Nriyanjali, Indian dance society, Fine Arts Society, Film Appreciation, Mudra –Choreography and Dance, English Debating, photography, NSS, NCC, peace Society, Hindi Dramatic, Echo- Western Music, E Cell, Hindi Quiz, Ethnic eight North East student’s Society.

Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune

Photo Credit = Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune

MESA (Mechanical Engineering Students Association) is s very active body of students that are spreading the awareness and community service of the society. The fundamentals of this society were to make students more familiar with debates, writing, oratory, and literature. Students manage their ways to get involved in various activities through.

Vishwakarma Institute of Technology

Photo Credit = Vishwakarma Institute of Technology

Students in VIT are very enthusiastic about learning and growing with each other, therefore, they involve themselves in various clubs and societies to nurture their interest. Here are a few cultural clubs in Indian colleges and this is what they have in VIT –Mirage campus Film society, Team Apache, PIESA Club, programmers Hub, Anatriksh, V –click. The clubs that you want to be a part of if you are planning to study in VIT, Pune.

The list above includes the number of clubs and societies that focus on the extracurricular activities and help each student to portray their talent with a creative seed of thought and one certainly needs to involve themselves in cultural and academic congregations to cultivate outside their textbooks. If you are keen to know more about this group, you can go to the official websites of the colleges. Creativity is a gift, and with the right wavelength and union, one can bring it together.

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